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Barcelona Travel (Transport, Accommodation, Tours)

Barcelona Transport

One of the great things about this city is that it has one of the best local transportation systems of any major city worldwide. Learn more about Barcelona transport including Go Cars, local buses, the subway and metro system and the local train system.

Barcelona holiday apartments and hotels

With this city having so much to offer tourist all year round, no matter what the weather, it is no suprise that there are a very large number of hotels and holiday and vacation apartments for rental. Learn more about some options for Barcelona holiday apartments and Barcelona hotels.

Barcelona Tours

There is are a number of excellent tour ou can do from this city including o the Luxury hotelsmountains of Monterrey, Sitges carnival, the Gaudi Tour and the main city tour. Learn more about the options for Barcelona tours.

Stag and Hen trips

Barcelona remains a popular stag and hen weekend trip location. Find informaion in Barcelona stag and hen trips.

Barcelona Flights, Spain

Such a large number if airlines fly to and from this city that it can be overwhelming deciding which flights to book and who to fly with. Learn about some of the options and about the 3 main airports and flights for Barcelona.

Local Map

Maps of Barcelona on this site. If you are heading to Barcelona make sure also that you have comprehensive travel insurance for your trip.

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