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Barcelona taxis and cabs

Getting around by taxi

The taxi service in Barcelona is very good and you can normally quite easily find a yellow cab if you are on a main street. On Friday and Saturday evening around midnight it can sometimes be hard to get a taxi, particularly in an area such as Las Ramblas, when the subway closes down for a few hours in winter time.

Overall though Barcelona has an excellent taxi cab service and the yellow and black Getting a tax in Barcelonataxis are easy to find most of the time.

Taxi to/from Barcelona International airport

From Barcelona International airport to the centre of Barcelona, you have the choice of bus (from just outside the airport main terminal), train, self-drive or taxi cab.

Getting a taxi from the airport is very easy with the service with managed and organised. There is a queue outside the main arrivals terminal and you can usual get into a cab within a minute or two because there are plenty of cabs normally on hand.

Expect to pay anywhere between Euros 20 and 50, depending where in central Barcelona you need to get to, on the traffic and sometime son how many bags you have.

Stopping a taxi-cab

Just throw you hand in the air and wave down the taxis. In many popular locations there is a taxi cab rank, such as at the main airport.

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