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Barcelona local buses, routes, service and schedules

Barcelona local buses and bus service and schedules

Getting around by bus in Barcelona is quite easy and also fairly inexpensive. Once you know the routes and know the bus numbers, traveling around the city by bus is quite Local busessimple.

There are a couple of different tour buses, although the main one is the Barcelona Bus Turístic. The local buses in Barcelona also also quite efficient. You can use your T10 ticket for the subway or buses so the system works very well. When you board a bus you pay the driver, although most people use a multi-trip pass and simply push their ticket into the machine for it to deduct one trip.

For finding out about specific local bus routes in Barcelona you can go to the official bus site at:

Tourist Bus in Barcelona or public buses

If you have a full day and want to see as many attractions in the city as possible and are not familiar with getting around Barcelona, I would strongly recommend to choose the Tourist Bus (Bus Turistic). By the time you otherwise get to work out which buses you need and which might not take you right outside attractions anyway, you are best off with the tourist bus.

If you are in Barcelona for a week or so then using the Metro can actually be the easiest option as a tourist. It is cheap, easy to use, very clean, trains frequent and will get you to most attractions or nearby, in the city of Barcelona.

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