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Barcelona Pub and Bar Guide: British & Irish pubs Guide

British Pubs in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a place to watch a football game or rugby match, have some European beer, and mingle with fellow English-speakers, head to one of Barcelona’s many English and British pubs.

George & Dragon pub

1. The George & Dragon pub in Barcelona (Diputacion 269)- One of the more popular English bars in Barcelona, George & Dragon is a large, decorated pub.

The Philharmonic pub

2. The Philharmonic pub in Barcelona (based at Mallorca 204) is a real British pub with live football, British food, English and Spanish speaking hosts and a decent choice of beers.

Smoking Dog

3. Smoking Dog (París 191) - A British bar that attracts a surprising amount of locals, Smoking Dog has an affordable menu and is always packed on game day, especially when FC Barcelona is playing.  With British and American music from the 70´s and 80´s and plenty of people playing darts, Smoking Dog is a quintessential British bar.

The Queen Vic

4. The Queen Vic (Nou de la Rambla 24) - The Queen Vic has a prime location right off Las Ramblas, a cozy ambiance, and drink specials.  This pub is a prime place to watch a football game with a group of friends.  However, if you do go alone, the crowd is friendly and inviting.

Republic House Bar

5. Republic House Bar (Calle Wellington 5) - A popular but rarely advertised bar, Republic House is a good place to watch a game, have a beer, and mingle with locals.  Be sure to come for the always entertaining stand-up and open mic comedy night.

Bristol Blue

6. Bristol Blue (Carrer del Torrent de l´Olla 39) - A spacious English pub in one of Barcelona’s nicest neighborhoods (Gracia), Bristol Blue broadcasts all major sporting events and has a pool table and darts.  Try Litovel, the Czech lager on tap.

Obama British Africa

7. Obama British Africa (Gran Via Deles Courts) - With a great location on Ramba de Catalunya, Obama British Africa is a relatively new and unique bar.  As you would expect, the decoration is British/African.  There are pictures of British officers wearing pith helmets and khaki vests, African sculptures, leather chairs, and a zebra skin fan.  

Manchester Bar

8. Manchester Bar (Valldonzella 40) - This English bar is nothing like the others.  Named after the Manchester music scene, the Manchester Bar has nothing to do with the football team.  In this smoky bar, the beer is cheap and the music is good.  Playing rock and indie music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this bar is fun and hip.

Dunnes Irish Bar and Pub

9. Reopened in late 2010, Dunnes Irish Bar has undergone a renovation and served a great selection of beers and food. One of the best pubs and bars in Barcelona.

Irish Pubs in Barcelona

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