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Mobile (cellphone) and telephone in Barcelona: Getting set started

Getting set up with a mobile phone (cell phone in American) and a landline in Barcelona can make your life a huge amount easier. In order for example to get an apartment your life will be so much easier if you are mobile and able to talk to agents. To find work you'll really need to have a mobile phone.

The good news is that getting set up with a phone is quite easy and you can have your own mobile number within a matter of days. Below are some of your options:

1. Buy a SIM for a phone you already own. - You can buy a SIM once you are in Barcelona, Spain and then use the new SIM if you old phone and provided the phone does Barcelona phonesnot need unblocking the SIM should work and connect straight away to a Spanish network. You will then be paying local call rates just like everyone else in Barcelona. If you phone needs to be unblocked to accept a new supplier, there are some shops you can do this in Barcelona for a small fee.

2. Start a new contract and with a new phone and SIM - It is actually much easier than you might anticipate, to get a new contract phone. One of the best companies I personally found in Barcelona for this was the BrightCo Company who reside in the centre of Barcelona at Calle Lincoln 1, Barcelona 08006. You can find their website and all of their payment plans and FAQ etc at You need very little documentation to get started, as long as you have a credit card. They are the easiest company you will find for getting a mobile or cellphone immediately, on a contract basis, from my experience.

3. Use your phone from abroad whilst you. If you really need to, your cellular phone from abroad should work in Barcelona but the charges will be International rate so consider this option carefully. It can still though be worth using your phone this way if it means the difference between getting a job or apartment and not because of calls you are able to take.

For your interest, the main networks in Spain are:

More information on mobile, cellphones (cellular phones) and landline telephone connections in Barcelona will be added soon.

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