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The Best Nightclubs in Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the liveliest nightlife and nightclub cultures in Spain, surpassing even the capital, Madrid. The night time festivities actually commence at around 8 in the evening, where the local Barcelonese go for a promenade down the streets. The paseo, as it is known, lasts for around an hour, wrapping up at 9. After that, the streets become quieter for a while till later on at night, when the parties actually pick up speed.

The party and nightclub scene in Barcelona is varied enough to suit every kind of party-goer, since the city attracts people from diverse walks of life, including tourists, students and even the Bohemian artist crowd.

For those into people watching and watching the world go by while sipping on a drink, there are places with courtyards right on the street. Here tables and chairs are laid out Nightlife in Barcelonaand the drinking ensues.

For more sophisticated night outs, there are the glitzy clubs and the glamorous bars, frequented by the youth of the city. Port Olímpic is a wonderful place to party at night, with the energy quite palpable on summer nights. Another popular spot to see and be seen is Port Vell. This is a rather unusual place, where the Maremagnum, a shopping complex during the day, changes into an array of cafés, bars and nightclubs, jostling each other cheek by jowl, and open late into the night.

Of late, bars modernos with music and with some attention given to the interiors are proving to be popular with a certain set of the young chic crowd across the city. When partying in Barcelona, it is advisable to dress up for the occasion.

The most happening young crowd in Barcelona spends part of their club-hopping evenings at Up And Down, Carrer Numància 17. This club enjoys the status of being the most exclusive nightclub in the city. A more varied clientele can be found at Bikini, Carrer Deu i Mata 105.

The Moog Club, Arc del Teatre 3, is an interesting club to visit, and is placed over two levels. The music played there is the best European techno, and additionally, it plays host to international DJs. Another club that is extremely popular is the Salsitas, Calle Nou de la Rambla 22. The bar is stylishly designed with the restaurant similarly appointed, and a great dance floor.

Torres de Ávila, Avenida Marquès de Comillas, Poble Espanyol is well known for its trance-techno music, as well as parties that stretch well into the wee hours of the mornings on summer weekends.

Top 8 nightclubs in Barcelona.

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