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Flying and driving to Barcelona, Spain

Getting to Barcelona

Getting to Barcelona is possible by air, road, sea and rail so there are many choices for getting to Barcelona. Below we take a look at the 4 options in more detail

Flying to Barcelona

There are 3 airports you can choose to fly into Barcelona and you have the choice of dozens of airlines.

The 3 Barcelona airports are:

Reus airport is 90 km from central Barcelona and is located just south of the town of Tarragona. This airport also is great for budget flights although this is arguably the least attractive of the 3 airports for flying to Barcelona.

There are a number of options for flights to Spain and all 3 airports have their pros and cons. If looking for the cheapest flights, try Reus and Girona Barcelona serving airports.

You can also learn more about navigating and wayfinding in Spain via: online.

Driving to Barcelona

You will need to have your wits about you if you are not familiar with the erratic style that exists in Barcelona and some other Spanish cities.

By road you can drive from the South of France on the main road straight down the coast on the E-15 road to Barcelona and from the South you can drive North from cities such as Valencia on the E-15. From Madrid the E-90 is likely to the road you need to drive to and from Barcelona.

If you are looking for Cheap Holidays in Spain there are some excellent options and cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are definitely worth considering. All are also fine for driving holidays and maybe a trip to all three one the one trip!

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