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Business in Barcelona, Spain - Exhibitions, Trade, Corporate

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Exhibitions and conferences in Barcelona

There are several very good locations in Barcelona for exhibitions and conferences including the - Barcelona International Convention Center and Palau De Congressos De Catalunya. Read about the Exhibition and Conference venues in Barcelona....

List of Exhibitions in Barcelona

Each year there are many exhibitions which take place in Barcelona. Check the annual Barcelona exhibitions listing.

Team Building in Barcelona

There are a number of excellent Team Building events which you can do in Barcelona. Everything from a team city Treasure Hunt or team Paella challenge, through to paint Shopping and dance classesballing and a team techno challenge. Learn about Team Building in Barcelona....

Barcelona corporate events

If you have a business or company, you might also be interested in sending team members to Barcelona, Spain for corporate rewards, to network or for team building. More about corporate events in Barcelona.

Barcelona online marketing and eMarketing

Marketing your business in English and Spanish in Barcelona and other parts of Spain means you most likely will want an online presence. More about Barcelona online marketing and search engine marketing.

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