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Barcelona Books and Travel Guides

There are many books about barcelona for the traveller and person intending to move to the area of Catalunya. Below we highlight our favourites.

Time Out Barcelona

One of our favourite books about Barcelona is Time Out Barcelona. This book is very good, with good details about a variety of things including Barcelona transportation, local festivals, the areas of Barcelona. You can buy this book in most good book retailers or Barcelona Pop up maponline with book sellers including Amazon.

Barcelona Pop-Up map

I personally absolutely love the pop-up map series. If you haven't used one before, these maps pop up and down instantly and can fit in your pocket. Very useful and inexpensive.

Barcelona & Catalonia Eyewitness guide

The Eyewitness guides are also excellent and the Barcelona version is no different. The Eyewtiness guide to Barcelonaeyewitness guide has excellent graphical images and the book is very informative. This book is well worth buying and you cannot go wrong with this guide. It can be a hard call between this and the other books listed on this page. If you buy two of them you should pretty much have all angles covered.

Rough Guide to Barcelona

For practical information, the Rough Guide to Barcelona is very informative and well worth carrying around when you visit Barcelona.

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