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Barcelona’s Best Water Parks

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With Barcelona having such fantastic weather for large periods of the year it is natural that people who visit here want to make the most of and spend time outdoors. An example of the great outdoor activities which are available is Illa Fantasia, a water park which sits about 20-25 minutes outside of the city centre.

Illa Fantasia has various swimming pools in which to play, relax and generally enjoy the sunshine, but the main attraction of visiting here is to enjoy the large number of slides, rides and water features. The slides and rides range from small slides which are suitable for toddlers up to windy rides in which two people ride in a boat along a flume. One of my favourite rides starts from a great height and sends the rider down a sudden drop before going over a number of bumps and finally into the water at the end. The adrenaline which flows through your body as you head down the slide is really fantastic and you find yourself wanting to go down again and again.

Illa fantasia in Barcelona has a number of cafes and fast food establishments, as well as picnic areas and kids play parks, meaning that you can easily spend a full day here. Travel to the park is easy, you take a short train journey from the main train station before getting a free bus for the remainder of the journey. You can buy tickets for Illa Fantasia at the train station and get train travel for free.

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