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The local food is a combination of Catalan dishes and food from across Spain. International influence has also had an impact on the city which many eateries set up to satisfy tourists tastes. Learn more on the local food in Barcelona.

One thing which this city is certainly outstanding for is museums. Consider the fact that you have access to the Gaudi museum, the National Museum of Catalan Art and the Maritime Museum and roughly 20 other very good options. More on the museums

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Where to stay in Barcelona - Need help deciding where to stay in the city. Some help is at hand.

10 Things to do in Barcelona in the evenings - With so many activities and things to do in this city, some ideas on how to spend tour evening.

Catalan Culture - Catalonia is an integral part of Spain, and the Catalans are integral to the Spanish culture by Paul Symonds.

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You might also be interested in catching a movie in English or another language whilst in the city. Learn about the cinemas in Barcelona.

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