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Girona airport Gerona GRO (Aeroport Aeropuerto)

Girona airport GRO - (Gerona aeroport aeropuerto)

Girona airport (also called aeroport or aeropuerto) is on the outskirts of the town of Girona and is well connected by coach and road to Girona Centrex. Girona airport also acts as a feeder airport for the city of Barcelona. There are specially laid on buses to transport people between Girona airport and central Barcelona. Girona airport is served by a couple of budget airlines such as Ryanair and this means that many people fly into this airport because of cheaper flight prices. The buses are usually waiting outside of the airport here and the trip to Barcelona tends only to take around 55 minutes so this is a viable option as a destination airport.

GRO Girona airport (Gerona Aeroport aeropuerto) Information:

GRO Girona airport is relatively small and facilities fairly basic. If you are flying to Spain for Barcelona and the prices are the same to Girona and Barcelona International airports then flying into the latter airport is the recommendation.

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