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A Guide to Gaudí’s Work in Barcelona

It’s nearly impossible to visit Barcelona without stumbling upon one of Antoni Gaudi’s works.  A famous Catalan architect, Gaudí designed many incredible buildings, the majority of which are located in Barcelona.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló (Passeig de Gràcia, 43), is a building restored by Gaudí from 1905-1907.   The façade of the building is decorated with mosaic tiles in hues of green, blue, and gold. La Pedrera is best-known for its roof, which has a tower and intricate, brightly Gaudi tours in Spaincolored chimneys. Both the interior of the building and the roof are open to visitors.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera (Passeig de Gràcia, 92) also known as Casa Milà, was completed in 1912. La Pedrera has an undulating façade and roof that is decorated with uniquely-shaped chimneys.  Except for a few privately owned apartments, La Pedrera is owned by Caixa de Catalunya and is open to the public. With an entrance fee, visitors can tour the building, the attic, which houses an exhibition of Guadí, and the famous roof.

Colegio de las Teresianas

Colegio de las Teresianas (Ganduxer, 85) was an unfinished project passed on to Gaudí in 1889. Classrooms and offices are located in the lower levels of the building and the bedrooms of the nuns and students are located on the upper levels. 

Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet (Calle Caspe, 48) was finished in 1900.  Often seen as Gaudí’s most conventional work, Casa Calvet is more symmetric and orderly than his other, more mystical designs.

La Sagrada Família

La Sagrada Família is often considered the most famous of Gaudí’s work.  Gaudí worked on La Sagrada Família for over 40 years, devoting the last 15 years of his life entirely to the construction of the church. Although Gaudí died before he was able to finish La Sagrada Família, construction and restoration continues today, funded solely by private donations and ticket sales. La Sagrada Família is a must-see in Barcelona and although the exterior alone is spectacular, the price of admission, which includes a hike up one of the twelve towers, is well worth it.

Carrer de les Carolines

(Carrer de les Carolines, 24) was built during 1883-1889 as a family residence. Although the interior is not open to the public the exterior is spectacular.  Influenced by the Mudéjar style, Casa Vincens is ornately decorated and built from brick and ceramic tiles.

Palau Gü

Palau Gü is a palace designed by Gaudí and constructed from 1886-1890. The palace has a basement, four floors, and a flat roof.  Two large gates mark the entrance of Palau Güell.  The gates were designed large enough to allow the entrance of horse-drawn carts and carriages.  A corral for the horses was built in the basement of the palace.  Public access to Palau Güell is limited to certain parts of the building.

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