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Barcelona team building events - Group activities

Barcelona team building events

Barcelona is a very popular destination for group team building for corporate, sports and conference groups; in addition as incentive trips. A lot of groups taking up the team building events do tend to be corporate groups and several companies return year on year, due to the popularity of these events.

Types of team building events in Barcelona

There are a number of excellent team building events in Barcelona. Some of the most popular include:

1. Barcelona city treasure hunt - put into small groups of 4 or 5, you make your way around Barcelona, finding clues and tips. As a group you work together and have fun at Barcelona team building eventsthe same time.

2. Team paella cooking competition - also involves people being put into small groups and working together, in this case to buy the ingredients and then to cook a big, big dish of paella. There does involve some eating and drinking as a group also at the end!

3. Blindfold driving - is an team event which gets the adrenaline also going. Driving (although in safe conditions and at low speeds) blind folded through a course whilst a fellow team member calls out instructions, is a great way to gain confidence and trust your colleagues.

4. Team survival day - gets teams really working together to get through a pretend survival situation. This event brings out many of the skills a team needs for working together in every day work situations.

5. Team Towers - is a fun and physical event which gets the team working together in an unusual but fun way.

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