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Faculty of Fine Arts in University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is a popular and highly credible institution. There are 18 different faculties within the university, but one of the best known and most renowned is the Faculty of Fine Arts. 

Art plays a significant part in the culture of Barcelona with many famous artists having passed along the city’s streets over the centuries. There are many large museums and exhibitions around the city which attract people from around the world. This rich history Fine arts in Spainand culture explains in part why thousands of students are attracted to the school each year. Each year 400 students are enrolled into the faculty. 

The Fine Arts Faculty in Barcelona has a number of courses to choose from, accommodating both undergraduates and postgraduates. This includes six Masters Degrees which are open to graduates from other European universities, creating the opportunity for students from outside of Spain to experience the high quality of teaching at Barcelona University and the resources at the university’s disposal. The Undergraduate course is currently undergoing a period of transition as the Spanish llicenciatura degree is phased out in favour of degrees in three specialist areas, conservation and restoration, fine arts and design.

Barcelona Fine Art Students can not only enjoy access to one of the most comprehensive arts libraries in Europe, but also get to study in the superb surroundings of the glorious buildings which make up much of the university. Being in the centre of the city the Faculty of Fine Art is in the perfect location to enjoy the city’s museums as well as all of the other features.

Barcelona is steeped in culture and wherever you find yourself in this city, you sometimes only have to look up to see something designed by the likes of Gaudi. As a city, Barcelona is great for those of you with an interest in art.

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