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Tango Festival in Sitges, Spain

Annual Tango Festival in Sitges, Spain

Sitges in Spain hosts the International Tango Festival every year over a period of seven days in July. Participating in the annual Tango Festival in Sitges is a great way to Tango Festivalcelebrate a passion for the tango, and aficionados of this popular dance form come to Sitges in droves for this event. The International Tango Festival has been taking place for more than a dozen years. The oldest of its kind in Europe, the Sitges International Tango Festival is one of the best attended and most popular tango events in the world.

During the International Tango Festival, a variety of events related to the dance form such as tango classes, balls and exhibitions is held at several venues across town. Each year, something fresh is added to the programme, and it is not surprising that many tango enthusiasts make it a point to come to Sitges for this festival. 

Among the most enjoyable events of the Sitges International Tango Festival are tango dances on the beach, which continue all night and are great fun for everyone. Other popular features of the festival include live music by fine orchestras and tango lessons for beginners as well as advanced dancers.

Many hotels in Sitges offer special room rates for those taking part in the International Tango Festival, so one should take advantage of these when making reservations. 

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