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Introduction to Sitges in Spain (near Barcelona)

Sitges is popularly known as the Mecca of Modernism, and was once reputed to be Pablo Picasso’s favourite city. Located just 35 kilometres away and 20 minutes from the city of Barcelona, Sitges is has been called the younger sister of Barcelona. In the past, Sitges remained nothing more than a little fishing village in Barcelona. Today, Sitges has become very popular with tourists and is known more for its carnivals and nightlife than it is for the fishing.

Sitges is the perfect location for a day trip from Barcelona. The city is extremely beautiful and tranquil with a bohemian atmosphere that reminds visitors of the 19th and 20th Sitges sea frontcenturies. The most famous part of the city is the promenade, which extends for 3 kilometres and spans nine beaches. The architecture in the city is in the Cubanesque style, which is a reminder of the city’s history of sugar trading.

Later, the advent of modernism brought to the city houses designed in contemporary styles, as evident in the homes of the Barcelona’s football team. To the north of this city, there are a number of beaches such as the Sant Sebastian Playa. The north of the city also houses the many churches and museums of modernism. One of the most important of these museums is the Museum Maricel from where you can obtain some amazing views of the sea.

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