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Sitges Film Festival, Spain - annual events

Sitges Film Festival (Festival de Cine de Sitges)

Sitges Film Festival (also called the Festival de Cine de Sitges and the Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya by the locals).

It is a festival that showcases Catalonian films, and is one of the most popular film festivals in all of Europe. The event was first started in 1967, and since then it has grown in popularity to become an event that takes place in the city of Sitges on an annual basis. The Film Festival mainly focuses on fantasy cinema, and is one of the best showcases of this genre in the whole world.

The Festival de Cine de Sitges features movies from around the world, and the only criteria for Sitges Film Festivalentry of a film for this festival is that the films must be professional. The festival takes place every October, and entries for the festival must be sent in by the month of July.

Each year, the film festival offers its audience a wide range of movies that raise the bar in terms of fantasy films, both in terms of content and quality. Over 22 films are featured at the event, and the movies that are aired during the festival are chosen by an expert panel that views and reviews all submissions for the year.

The festival is open to the general public, who can purchase tickets for individual movies, or buy tickets as a bulk package for all the days of the festival. The Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya takes place over a span of 11 days.  

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