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Guide to Sitges, Spain (Film festival, Carnival and beaches)

Sitges is considered one of the most expensive places to live in the whole of Spain and a very popular location for its carnival, events, beaches, promenade and also as a centre for gay holiday and vacation visitors. Below a set of guides looking more at Sitges.

Sitges for Beginners

Read an overview of the main details and guide to Sitges.

Sitges History and information

Learn a bit more about the history and background to the area of Sitges near Barcelona, Spain. Read the Sitges introduction...

Beaches in SitgesSitges annual Film Festival

One of the highlights of the Sitges annual calendar of events, the Film Festival brings in visitors from all of Spain and Europe. Read about Sitges Film Festival...

Accommodation options

This small village caters for tourists very well, with visitors accounting for a significant source of income. Learn about Sitges accommodation, Spain.

Gay tourism and travel

The gay tourism market accounts for a large pecentage of visitors to the village. More about Gay tourism in Sitges.

Annual Tango Festival

If you love dance, you will love the annual Tango Festival which takes place in Sitges

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