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Life and Living in Barcelona, Spain

In addition to trips for holidays and vacation, many of you visit Barcelona with the idea of staying for a year or longer, both to work and study. A look below at some extra information for staying and living in Barcelona.

Mobile phones (Cellular phones)

There are a few companies in the city who speak English and offer good plans for temporary contracts for the Spanish networks. More about renting mobile or cellular phones in Barcelona, Spain.

Books on Barcelona

A good guide book on any city can literally save you a lot of money with the invaluable information you can often glean from it. Save by knowing the best local restaurants, best place to stay and free attractions. More about Books on Barcelona.

Belly Dance

Quite a niche but a form of dance which is becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Learn about belly dance in Catalonia.


Many requests come in asking about the naturists beaches in Barcelona so we have added some pages with information about Boqueria Market in Barcelonathe best beaches.

NIE Residency Card

The NIE Residency card is something most people looking to stay in the city long-term, will have to tackle. It can be complex especially if you have no permanent address to give but there are solutions. Also Part 2 on the NIE card.

Catalan Culture

Catalan Culture is interesting and worth learning about if you stay in Barcelona, with Catalan history and the language an important part of the area.


Find out the very latest weather for Barcelona with the up-to-date weather forecast and temperatures.

Swimming in Barcelona

Learn about the swimming pools in Barcelona, Spain.

Real Estate and Property

Find out more information about buying property in Barcelona, Spain including apartments and villas.

Barcelona Videos

Watch videos on Barcelona, Spain.

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