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Learning to drive in Barcelona

Driving in Barcelona

Cars and motorcycles are very useful travel options in the city of Barcelona, Spain and gaining confidence if you are new to driving in this environment, or learning how to drive from the start. Travellers who have a foreign driving license are permitted to drive in Spain for a period of 6 months, after which they must apply for a Spanish driving license. Citizens of EU countries can use their country’s license until the license expires, after which they must apply for a Spanish license by providing proof of residence.

While driving in Barcelona, it is legally mandatory to possess a set of headlight bulbs, a spare tyre and the necessary tools needed for replacement, two warning triangles that have been approved by the Ministerio de Interior, along with a third party insurance policy. Learn to drive in SpainLack of possession of these could result in heavy fines.

Seatbelts are compulsory in both the front and back seats. Children under the age of 12 must travel only in the back seat if there is no child seat fitted in the front seat.

In Spain, the traffic drives on the right side of the road and overtaking takes place only on the left side. Right of way is reserved for cars on the right. In a roundabout, right of way is given to cars that are already on the roundabout. Special care must be taken to avoid motorbikes and scooters as there is no dedicated lane for two-wheelers.

It is important to follow certain rules while driving in the city. The legal minimum age for driving a car or a motorcycle over 75 cc in Spain is 18 years. Driving 50 cc scooters without passengers is allowed from the age of 14.

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