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Learning Spanish in the Spanish schools in Spain

Barcelona - The City of Joy has many things to offer to visitors. A majority of people in Barcelona speak Spanish although a sizeable part of the populace speaks Catalan. Barcelona was established in the second century B.C. by the Romans and hence it has a rich history which still thrives within the confines of modernization.

The Ramblas is the famous boulevard in Barcelona which attracts a lot of visitors. The restaurants here are cozy and lovely and as you enjoy a drink you can allow your eyes to feast on the visual delights that this city offers. The famed Barcelonan architect Antoni Spanish studentsGaudi who died in the early 20th century had designed the mammoth cathedral Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia which is still-under-construction. During the 1936 Spanish civil war parts of this majestic edifice was destroyed. Still you will be awestruck by its three grand facades and beautiful interiors.

A lot of students come to Spain to learn Spanish and Barcelona being one of the popular and renowned cities of Spain plays host to these students. Although Catalan is the official language in Barcelona a majority of people here can speak Spanish fluently. Therefore learning Spanish here is no problem at all and you can confidently take up a Spanish course in Barcelona. Since a lot of international travelers visit Barcelona many people have picked up English so in case you don’t understand certain Spanish words or sentences the local people will readily decipher the same for your convenience.

There are many top-class Spanish schools in Spain and some of these language schools are based in Barcelona so this city is not short of options when it comes to learning Spanish. Apart from the standard of teaching which is very high the interesting part is the level of post-class fun which you are sure to enjoy.

If you really want to experience the true meaning of ‘learn and have fun’ then Barcelona can be a genuine choice. You will love the old town feeling of this city and still feel at home because it has also kept pace with modernity and development. Barcelona is a city that gives more that what you expect. Its streets throb with youthful vibes and life keeps on ticking till the crack of dawn.

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