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Hybrid holidays in Spain – combining cheap package holidays with a city break

Many tourists automatically picture the cheap package holidays provided by operators when thinking about holidays in Spain, and indeed there can be few more relaxing things than beaching yourself on the sand for a week or two. However, Spain has much more to offer. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville can provide an intriguing introduction to some of the rich and diverse cultures that make up modern Spain. A combination of the two types of get away – cheap package holidays and city breaks - can be an ideal way to have a hybrid holiday in Spain, combining traditional beach time with modern city culture.

This combination works particularly well if you are planning on visiting Spain earlier on, or later Hybrid holidaysin the season. While you can of course book in just the same way in peak season, city centres can get a bit too hot for many during the height of summer in Spain

Barcelona of course can offer a bit of both, even boasting the accolade of being home to the ‘best urban beach in the world’. Barcelona is a popular city with tourists all year round, thanks no doubt to the artistic culture, crazy architecture and buzzing, cosmopolitan vibe of the city. The bars and clubs of Barcelona offer something for every party person, while the museums and architecture in the city will be of interest to both aficionados and casual sightseers alike. Gothic architecture competes with outright surrealism, as exemplified by the mad Gaudi masterpiece, the La Sagrada Família. Football fans may want to book in advance if a trip to the famous Camp Nou is planned.

Madrid, the capital of Spain is no slouch when it comes to the nightlife, and the local Madrilenos will effortlessly last through the night with a casual stamina. If you are lucky enough to get to know a few locals during your time in the city, it is not uncommon to go out for dinner at midnight, so if you are used to an earlier meal back home, remember to get a snack before you go out! Madrid has one of the best collections of art museums in Europe, with the Prado and Reina Sofia holding several of the most famous paintings in art history. A good deal of the historic architecture in the city has been well preserved, and many of these buildings and monuments display the grand style you would expect of a royal seat of power. An excellent underground train system makes navigating this large city both affordable and manageable.

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain, and thanks to the southern location can get really hot during the height of summer. Seville is famed as a centre of gastronomic excellence. While you can get tapas in both Madrid and Barcelona – and indeed throughout Spain – the tapas in Seville is a local speciality and attraction in its own right, making the most of the high quality fresh seafood, olive oil and sherry produced in the surrounding regions.

Not interested in cities in Spain? Prefer islands. You might want to take a look at Ibiza Spain travel options. In terms of beaches, nightlife, weather and diving, the Balearic Islands are worth thought.

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