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10 Tips for finding work in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona work and jobs - advice an tips

1. Affiliate yourself with a recruiting agency. Such agencies will be well aware of job opportunities in corporate offices and companies and can easily secure an interview for you.

2. Look at online job sites that are specific to Barcelona and you may find a good position being advertised.

3. If you know a little bit of Spanish, you may be able to get a job in a bar, restaurant or Jobs and workingeven a receptionist position in a small office.

4. If you have good English speaking skills, try for a job teaching English in one of the schools in Barcelona.

5. Apply or advertise for an au pair position. It is very likely that some resorts in Barcelona will be open to hiring foreign au pairs to take care of the children of their guests.

6. If you are on a short stay in Barcelona, you could secure a temporary staff position in one the many companies in Barcelona. If you are unable to find a position like this offered online, you can sign up with a temping agency.

7. You can also look for a job as a telemarketer or at a Call centers in Barcelona, as there are some companies that hire English speaking telemarketers to deal with their international clients.

8. Barcelona has many language schools and institutes that teach European languages and these organisations are very open to hiring tourists and travellers.

9. Companies in Barcelona occasionally hire people when they are short on man power for simple projects. This could include handing out fliers or sticking posters.

10. Youth hostels and guest houses in Barcelona often hire tourists on a part time basis to manage the building. If you are staying at one of these places, it will be very easy to secure a job.

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