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Moving to Barcelona: 10 Tips for moving to Barcelona

10 Tips for Moving to Barcelona, Spain

1. Moving your gear to Spain - can be a hassle and it really depends on your budget how best to do this. If your company is paying or if you can afford it, the easiest way is to simply pay a shipping or freight forwarding company.

2. The weather in Barcelona is of course very good in terms of normally good summers with plenty of sunshine and heat. Do you remember though that in August it is actually too hot for many people, hence why locals head to the mountains for cooler air. Realise also that it still can be quite rainy and overcast for several of the winter months. As long as you do not expect 12 months of sunshine you will be fine.

3. If you are planning to look for work in Barcelona be aware that it may not be as easy as in your home country. There are not as many opportunities in Spain as you might find in a city such as London, England and if you do the wages will normally be significantly lower.

4. Do not forget that there are 2 main languages spoken in Barcelona and these are Catalan and Spanish. You can learn to speak Spanish and still have people ignore you because you didn't use Catalan. Just be prepared for 2 languages.

5. Renting accommodation means normally that you sign a 5 year agreement in Barcelona. This is good in that you as the tenant are protected and have the right to live there for 5 years.

6. Apartment style living is likely to be the accommodation type you will live in, unless you either are very rich or if you are willing to live outside or on the outskirts of the main city. If you are used to living in a house with a garden then Barcelona is going to be Las Ramblas street artdifferent.

7. Money - Try to have as much money as possible put aside if you plan to love to Barcelona because you are bound to spend more setting up than what you think.

8. Try to learn some Spanish or Catalan before moving to Barcelona if you can. Ideally you will actually speak fluently enough in Spanish or Catalan. This would give you a much greater chance of finding work.

9. One job which many people do to start with is to teach English and this might be worth considering to get started and to have a chance to meet people and find your way around.

10. Car Parking is not easy in Barcelona unless you can afford to rent an underground car parking space. The public transportation is excellent so consider if you need to bring your car or not.

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