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10 Tips for renting a holiday & vacation apartment in Barcelona, Spain

Renting Barcelona holiday and vacation apartments

1. Consider vacation and holiday apartment rental in Barcelona as an alternative to hotels. Short-term apartment rental means that you generally will have more space and have a kitchen and more control. If you have a group of you or a family, being able to have more space and space for self-catering can save you a lots of money on food. Being able to grab breakfast in the apartment alone can save you a lot of money from your holiday bill.

2. Barcelona has an excellent transportation system with its metro subway system and the buses. If you are just on holiday though and also have little grasp of Spanish and also perhaps have children in tow, it can be much easier just to rent an apartment near to Vacation apartment rentalsthe main attractions. Las Ramblas is one of the main and most central areas. This area can be quite crowded and busy and sometimes noisy though. So think about if you want central or want quiet or a combination.

3. If you want to stay somewhere quiet and nice but still quite central and close enough to public transportation, then Mountjuic is an area you might want to stay in.

4. If you have any elderly people in your party, you might want to ask if there is a working lift. This may seem obvious and you may presume a lift will be available but this is not always the case. Many apartments in the city of Barcelona are on 4 or 5 levels high and this could otherwise be a problem for elderly people.

5. Similarly, make sure to clarify if A/C (Air Conditioning) is included. The apartment should have A/C available but do not take it for granted. A few apartments do not have A/C and it can get extremely hot in the peak summer months.

6. If you are travelling with very young children, do not forget to check that cots are available.

7. Just as you should when booking a hotel, consider booking on credit card so that you are better protected in case the travel accommodation and flights became no longer. Payments over £100 (in the UK) are normally protected.

8. Print off and learn some Spanish. Just learn a few words connected to property so that if there is anything wrong with the Air Conditioning, lift, TV etc, that you will have the words at hand to explain the problem and in Spanish if need be.

9. If broadband, Wi-Fi or Internet are important to you then make sure to check first. Many apartments for vacation rentals do not have this service, but some do.

10. If you are arriving with a car then make sure to check before booking, what the parking situation is. Parking can be expensive and difficult in barcelona.

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