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10 Things You Didn’t Know About FC Barcelona Football Clubs

Barcelona Football Club things maybe did not know

1. You may know that the FC Barcelona Football Club has a private museum for its sporting memorabilia, but did you know that the Intercontinental Cup is the only major football trophy that has never been featured there? Instead, the club’s museum features their two best European Cups, which were won at Wembley (1992) and Paris (2006).

2. The Club has the unique and exclusive honor of appearing in every single edition of European club competition since tournaments were first created in 1955. No other club has this distinction.

3. FC Barcelona has recorded numerous wins in Europe, including winning the title of “King of the Cup Winners Cup,” a total of four times, setting a record for European competition.

4. Since the 1990s, FC Barcelona has won 18 Spanish League titles, which is said to be one of the most challenging competitions ever played by the Club.

5. The club’s heaviest defeat came in 1931 during the 1930-31 Spanish League season when it lost to Athletic Club Bilbao (12-1).

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