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10 Things You Didn’t Know About FC Barcelona Football Clubs (Part 2)

Barcelona Football Club things maybe did not know

6. Their greatest victory across all competitions was to win 18 points over Tarragona’s nil score during the Macaya Cup in 1901.

7. FC Barcelona’s founder, Joan Gamper, was Swiss. He held the role of president five times, starting out nine years after founding the club. Until then and during the interim periods, he focused on playing the game as the team’s captain.

8. FC Barcelona beat long-time rivals Real Madrid 3–0 during the first leg of the Copa del Ray semi finals. However, in the second leg, they lost to the Castillian Real Madrid team, which had accepted Franco’s fascist regime, scoring a mediocre score 11–1. The source of the loss is attributed to a locker room visit by Franco’s director of state security who announced that the Catalan FC Barcelona team, FC Barcelona ticketswhich proudly fought against the regime, was only playing due to the “generosity of the regime.”

9. Barcelona fans supported the trams’ strike of 1951 by choosing to walk home in the pouring rain after witnessing their team beat Santander 2–1 rather than catching a tram. This took the Francoist authorities by surprise and is in keeping with the revolutionary spirit of the Barcelona team and its supporters.

10. FC Barcelona was recorded as the third richest club in the world with a revenue of over 290 Million Euros during the 2006–07 season. Learn more about football in Barcelona.

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