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10 Ideas for Barcelona Stag Weekends

Barcelona Stag weekends and 10 great ideas

Barcelona has always been a popular tourist destination on account of its unique culture and spectacular landscape. Although Barcelona is an excellent place to honeymoon and take a family vacation, this city has more than enough fun to offer you and your friends should you be on a Barcelona stag weekend. The city has a wide range of amusements ranging from outdoor karting and football to strip poker to keep you amused all weekend long.

1. Nightclubs – The many exotic and entertaining Barcelonan night clubs are the best places to start and end a stag weekend. These nightclubs draw in a trendy, young local crowd and many tourists and are entertainment hotspots.

2. Outdoor karting – Barcelona has a 600 metre outdoor karting circuit that will provide you an excellent opportunity to have a fun ride and display your prowess in a race with Stag weekend tripsyour friends.

3. Jet Skiing – The beaches of Barcelona are where you should go if you are looking for thrills and adventure. Jet skiing is an exhilarating and popular sport among adventure lovers and should definitely be part of your stag weekend.

4. Biking - Biking is one of the best ways to see the country side and relax with your friends. It will also give you a magnificent view of the beaches. Taking a journey on cruiser bikes and stopping for breaks at the local pubs for a drink of sangria and a bite of the local cuisine will certainly be a trip worth remembering.

5. Football matches - Football is a favoured sport in Barcelona and the matches played here are exhilarating to watch. Try your best to include a football match as part of your stag weekend, even if it is not a team you love that is playing. The very atmosphere of a football match in Barcelona is something worth experiencing and is the perfect way to spend a day with friends. If you are lucky, you may even witness a match where the legends of Real Madrid go on the filed to play.

6. Quad biking – If you want to play rough and celebrate being macho, then quad biking is a great activity for you. If you are adventurous and do not mind getting dirty, then you Barcelona stag weekendswill simply love the simple speeds and thrills of quad biking. Riding a quad bike over the rough and sloping terrains in Barcelona, trying to outrace your friends will make for some great bachelor memories.

7. Paintballing in Barcelona – Take a few hours off your weekend and go paintballing. Have a paintball war on the field and then have a stag party in the evening to celebrate victory or defeat. This is one activity that guys are destined to love as they get to shoot guns and do not have to dress up.

8. Cocktail mixing - Barcelona opens its doors to cocktail lovers and allows them to learn the tricks of mixing cocktails under the experienced guidance of a bartender. Visit one of these cocktail lounges and try out some of the Barcelonan cocktails, while you try your hand at bottle juggling.

9. Dinner and drinks – Sample the delicious Catalan cuisine at one of Barcelona’s many restaurants. Enjoy a three course meal and then go out for a night on the town for unlimited beer and sangria and lively Spanish music and dance.

10. Hangover Treatment Spas – Before going back home, pamper yourself at a Barcelona spa. One of the best ways to fight a hangover is by visiting a spa and enjoying a massage that is guaranteed to invigorate the individual to face another day of adventure in the city.

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