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10 Reasons to visit Barcelona, Spain

10 Reasons to Visit Barcelona inclduing romance & art

1. Romance – I believe that amongst all the cities in Spain, Barcelona is by far the most popular when it comes to romance. Bring your loved ones here and take a leisurely walk along the stylish streets and beautiful buildings this city has to offer.

2. Architecture – The architecture all over Barcelona is so mesmerizing that you’d want to go back and have a second look. Places such as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo made by renown architect Antoni Gaudi are just some of the beautiful architecture must see’s.

3. Gastronomy – Barcelona has some great food, there’s no question to that, but being able to find great food even if you’re on a budget is something else. Try the Tapas around Barceloneta or even have a look around the markets on Las Ramblas for some really good food that’s worth the buck.

4. Art in Barcelona – If you already love Art, you’ll love Barcelona even more, if not, visiting Barcelona might give you a new appreciation for art. Visit Museu Picasso, a Barcelona beachestribute to Picasso with all his early works, engravings and the famous “harlequin” portrait or the museum inside Casa Mila.

5. Fun for all ages – Whether you’re here with the young ones or just as friends or couples, Barcelona provides ample fun for everyone. From the Zoo or even the aquarium which is the largest in Europe to the magical fountain of Montjuic, places to go are more than plenty.

6. Great weather – The weather in Barcelona is always mild and inviting all year round so no matter if you’re coming in the summer or toward the colder seasons, Barcelona’s temperatures always remain just right.

7. Shopping – In almost every part of Barcelona you’ll find a shop that suits your taste from the street stalls to boutiques and shopping centers and if you know the places to go, you can really find some great bargains!

8. Great Atmosphere – Whether walking along the beach or through Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a city which gives off great vibes and a relaxed feel to it so you never feel like you’re in a rush.

9. Nightlife – Barcelona’s nightlife is every brimming and no matter what day you choose to go out on you can always find something happening in the city!

10. The Beautiful Golden Beaches – What better way to relax when you’re on a holiday then to head to the beach and soak up some rays! Choose between the famous Barcelona beach, which is often pretty populated or Icaria Beach which is less crowded and is worth the visit for the peace and quiet.

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