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Barcelona International Jazz festival guide

International Jazz Festival

Barcelona is a hub for jazz musicians from across Europe and around the globe, and as a result Barcelona International Jazz Festival is one of the most popular jazz festivals in Europe each year. The festival was started in the year 1966 and was very well attended in its first year, with thousands of jazz fans attending the event. The event is by far the oldest of its kind in all of Spain and since the year 2002, it has been sponsored by Voll-Damm, a Catalan beer company.

The festival is held during the course of a week and is scheduled to take place any time from the middle of October to December. Typically, the International Jazz festival is held Barcelona Jazz Festivaltowards the end of November. During this time, there are over 70 concerts featured and with several well known performers taking part.

Barcelona International Jazz Festival sees an increasing number of artists who fly in from around the world to perform. The festival takes place in over 15 different venues across the city, the most important being the:

Although the festival is officially a jazz festival, the organizers occasionally showcase a few shows by talented artists who are not jazz musicians.

Official site: Barcelona Jazz Festival.

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