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Barcelona International Boat Show

With Barcelona being located on the coast it is natural that there is a significant interest in the world of boating in the area. Barcelona boat show is an event designed to capitalise on this interest by bringing one of the best boat shows in Europe to the city each year. Each year the show attracts thousands of people, with the visitor numbers made up of locals plus thousands from around the country, Europe and the rest of the Barcelona Boatsworld.

Barcelona International Boat Show is now into its 50th year, something which is being celebrated by expanding the show to make it the best ever. One of the new features will be a dive from BCN who are one of the largest manufacturers in this field. A large number of companies are expected to take part in the dive which is expected to be quite a spectacle.

The main purpose of the Barcelona boat show is to give people the opportunity to experience the best products and accessories related to boating, yachting, sailing, fishing and scuba diving which are exhibited in the indoor section of the event. This section of the show is held in the Gran Via Exhibition Centre and will consist of hundreds of exhibitors. The most popular aspect of the show is the on-water exhibition which gives the visitor the chance to experience an expansive range of boats and yachts, so whether you are in the market to purchase such a model or you are just a boat lover, you will be sure to enjoy this event.

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