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International Bears Week in Sitges

Bears Week in Sitges

Sitges is undoubtedly a party town and International Bears Week is one of the times when Sitges’ party spirit is at its most enthusiastic.  

‘Bears’ from across the world come to Sitges every year to participate in the International Bears Week, organised by the Bears Sitges Club. There is a series of events, including paintball games, beach parties, barbecues, pool parties and special evenings of food, Sitges Bear Weekdrink and fun. The highlight of the International Bears Week is the Mr. Bear Sitges contest, with great prizes for the winner.

During the International Bears Week, several bars, including Bar el Horno, Bar XXL, Man Bar and Parrots, offer happy hour prices. There are special events at other venues, and the foam parties at Sauna Sitges are particularly appreciated. AnniBEARsary parties are well attended and the grand finale of the celebrations takes place at the Bears Sitges Club, where disc Bears show the audience what they can do.   

Detailed information about the International Bears Week is available on the Bears Sitges Club’s website. One should make reservations in advance as the International Bears Week attracts a lot of visitors, and hotel accommodation can be hard to find during this time. One can pick from various packages that include accommodation, meals, a welcome drink and entrance to interesting events to suit one’s preferences. 

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