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Escalada de Montjuic - cycling event

Escalada de Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

Professional cyclists from around the world eagerly anticipate the Escalada de Montjuic, which is an end-of-season cycling event that takes place around the Montjuic - a hill just outside the city centre of Barcelona.

The race first began in the year 1963, and was designed to take place in two stages during the course of one day. Literally, the term “Escalada de Montjuic” means the scaling of the Montjuic, and this is what the cyclists are required to do.

The race takes place during the middle of October and is part of the UCI Europe Tour. In the Escalada de Montjuic, there are a number of races that are featured to cover various Escalada de Montjuiccategories; these include the veteran’s race, the young rider’s race, the woman’s race and the most popular Men’s race. The Esport Ciclista Barcelona, one of the most elite cycling groups in Spain, organizes the whole event.

The first stage in the elite men’s race is called the criterium. During this stage, the contestants are required to complete five laps of a racecourse that spans 5 kilometres. Once this stage is over, the more challenging second stage, which is a time trial up Montjuic, begins. The second stage involves around 10 kilometres of cycling. Of all the participants, Merckx holds the record for the most number of wins, with six Escalada de Montjuic trophies since the year 1965.

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