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Barcelona Annual Events

Below a guide to the main events which take place annually in Barcelona:

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International Bears Week

International Bears Week in Sitges is a great event in the nearby town of Sitges if you are in Barcelona in the month of May.

Barcelona Triathlon

Now having grown to 2000 plus competitors in it annually and with many people travelling from across the world to compete. Learn about Barcelona annual Triathlon...

Escalada de Montjuic

Is an event for fit and brave. This cycle race takes the riders up the hills of Montjuic. Read more about the Escalada de Montjuic.

SONAR Festival

The SONAR Festival is one of the best arts and music festivals in the Barcelona annual events calendar.

International Boat Show

One of the leading boat shows in Europe, Barcelona International Boat Show attracts boating people from around the world.

Barcelona International Jazz Festival

The Jazz festival is one of Europe's best jazz festivals and one which attracts some of the worlds top performers. Learn more about the International Jazz Festival...

Barcelona eventsThe Catalan people who live in and around Barcelona are very proud of their annual festivals but during the years following the Spanish Civil War General Franco had many of the festivals banned. Franco was not interested in regional identity and together with banning festivals he also tried to ban the use of the Catalan language. Today, there are many annual festivals in and around Barcelona in which the Catalan people take great pride and joy together with their freedom to celebrate their regional nationality.

There are a number of excellent festivals just as you would expect from a major city such as Barcelona. Below a look at some of the main festivals in the city each year.

In May every year, there is the festival of Sant Ponc, who is the patron saint of the natural world in particular herbs and bees. The festival takes the form of a special market where beekeepers and herbalists come together to sell their natural products including honey, honey-sweetened fruit, herbal wine and various perfumes.

In June every year is Saint John’s Day and once again the Catalan spirit is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires lit on the top of hills. During the years of suppression the Catalan people in villages would pile old furniture onto a bonfire and set light to it, letting the people in neighbouring Catalan villages know that they were still Catalan and still defying General Franco. To complement the fireworks and bonfires there is much eating and drinking and, of course, wonderful Flamenco dancing.

Other festivals in and around Barcelona include the European hot air balloon festival, when 25,000 people come to Igualada to watch amazing designs of hot-air balloons take to the sky.

In August, the people of Barcelona take to the streets to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption and in September the people of Catalonia celebrate their national day with concerts and parades. During this most important of all the Barcelona festivals the flag of Catalonia is proudly waved, something that would never have been allowed during the years of General Franco.

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