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Barcelona Corporate Team Building events

Many company's send employees to Barcelona for team building trips and there are numerous options to choose from, for the teams. Below a look at 5 of the events which tend to be most popular.

Team Towers

Several team building company's in Barcelona offer the popular 'Team Tower's event. This event combines Catalan traditions with team members making a human tower (under the careful guidance of the instructors). The popularity of this comes in that this creates a lot of laughs and really needs everyone involved to play their part in the team. Learn more about the team towers team building event.

Dragon boat racing

Team Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing in Barcelona can be a perfect team building event given that it requires each team to work together very well as a team, if they want to win the dragon boat race. Watch natural leaders come to the forefront as the teams (normally two teams) race against each other.

Treasure Hunt

This event requires many of the skills which are required to be a success in business which is why it is such a popular option as a team building event. This is a challenging experience which will pull people together and also enable them to explore the city in all of its beauty.

Team Paella Challenge

Split into two teams, the challenge is to cook the best paella and also to have to eat some of your concoction at the end. This event gives team members a chance to work together to make something new to most participants. This event can be a lot of fun and pushes the team to step outside of the normal work tasks.

Beach Olympics

A fairly new event but one which is fast gaining popularity and which is now offered by several Barcelona based team building companies is the beach olympics event. The organisers arrange several fun beach events, with participants split into anything between 2 and 4 teams - depending on the number of people involved.

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