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Barcelona Corporate and VIP options

Barcelona is a very popular city for corporate and VIP trips, events and rewards. Given the combination of its weather, architecture, business facilities and with access to a port and international airport, it is not hard to see the attraction to companies across Europe and worldwide. Below a look at some of the Barcelona VIP and corporate options and the services you can expect to benefit from, if you wish to work with one of the main Barcelona corporate providers.

Yacht Charter in Barcelona

Barcelona has a privileged location on the coast, which means there is the option of entertaining or even hosting meetings on a yacht or boat. This service is readily available in Barcelona and the pleasant weather for much of the year round means that this is a realistic option most of the time.

Corporate yacht hire

Restaurant Reservations

Those who regularly entertain corporate or VIP guests will be able to reserve the best seats in Barcelona’s most well regarded restaurants. However, even if you do not have existing relationship with local restaurants the mention of VIPs or corporate's should make it very easy to come by some impressive seats.  

VIP Tickets for sporting events

With the best football club on the planet on your doorstep it would be highly impressive to purchase some corporate seats or even a box. These seats have a fantastic view and are accompanied with food and drink. Company's such as BCN-Adventure offer FC Barcelona VIP hospitality and tickets and tours.

Luxury extras

If your guests are staying in a hotel you can arrange for luxury extras such as champagne and chocolates in the rooms or full use of the hotel facilities. VIPs might expect this treatment whilst corporate guests will be surprised and impressed.

Chauffeur Service

Navigating Barcelona’s streets can be tricky if you don’t know where you are going, so hiring a chauffeur driven car will avoid any embarrassing situations and will also make a good impression. The car can be at your beckon call at all times and this is an especially useful service for taking you to and from the airport.

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