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Choosing where to stay in Barcelona

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It can be difficult sometimes knowing exactly where to stay in a city when it is the first ever visit, especially when booking accommodation from the distance of your own home as you try to analyse the options using the internet. Barcelona is quite a large city and although most areas in the centre are within walking distance of a metro station, some areas are still better than others in this city and it often depends on your interest and needed. Where should you stay and in what area? Below we discuss a few of the best areas you might want to stay in for your trip to Barcelona.

La Rambla

Also often known as Las Ramblas, this area is very much the hub of activity for tourists and there are several hotels and rental apartments in this area. The area has a lot of restaurants and bars and is well connected in terms of buses and with three metro stations based along the length of the main street. Within walking distance is the marina and sea-front. On the down side, this area can perhaps be a bit too crowded and noisy at night time and for this reason you might want to be near to but not exactly in this area. It really depends on your age, your reason for visiting Barcelona and your preferences. Note also that restaurants on La Rambla tend to be much more expensive than in other parts of the city and this areas.

Barri Gotic

Barri Gotic ajoins La Rambla and there are some very good cultural and interesting areas to explore. You can also find some B&Bs, hotels and apartments for your holiday or vacation in this area. Barri Gotic is central and close enough to the beach, the marina and La Rambla.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a nice area which is still very central, has many bars and restaurants and is a short bus ride down to the sea-front. Sagrada Familia is famous for the church build by Gaudi and this is one area you will want to visit for sure during your time in Barcelona, even if you do not choose to stay here. There are many holiday apartment rentals in this area and a few good hotels.


This area is a great if you want to stay slightly out of the basin which is Barcelona, with Montjuic situated on top of a huge hill, with a wonderful view overlooking the port and marina and with a great view of the city as a whole. There are a few high quality hotels around Montjuic, although fewer local bars and restaurants.


Exiample is a popular area to stay in, with its nice location very centrally, but slightly away from the immediate hussle and bussle fo La Rambla. Exiample in many ways is the perfect combination of location and local amenities and facilities.

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