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5 Ways To Survive In Barcelona, Spain

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Like much of Europe and indeed the western world, Spain is mired in a recession that has made it very difficult for residents to get by. In fact, the economic situation has become so troubling that news recently broke of the Spanish government considering allowing foreigners to stay in the country beyond their Visas, if they meet the condition of spending over a certain amount on property! However, this is not to say that it is not still worth trying to stay or live in wonderful locations like Barcelona. Though the recession makes it difficult for many people to find work and support themselves, there are steps you can take to make things work. Here are five ways to survive, economically, in Barcelona.

1. Teaching English in Barcelona

Because English is still viewed as an international language by many, there tends to be a strong market for English teachers in European countries, and Spain is no exception. If you are moving to Barcelona from an English-speaking area, you may well be able to find work teaching English as a second language to Spanish students. Keep in mind, however, that some proficiency in Spanish on your part may also be required.

2. Freelance Work

This can be a tip worth considering in any poor economy. While there can be some tax and social security related penalties for freelance workers, this can be a good way to keep yourself employed during a recession. If you have a skill that can be applied to freelance work, you can essentially become your own employer during a recession, marketing your skill or talent to those who need it.

The good thing about freelance work is that your income does not necessartily have to come from a Spanish company in Barcelona. You can work for a British or American company by distance or do feeelance work as a writer for example and use Barcelona as your base. PayPal provides a way for you to now get paid wherever you live and sites such as and are worth checking for finding freelance work. This options means the benefits of living in Barcelona without having to tackle the difficulty getting work locally and without the need to spek Spanish of Catalan. Loquo Barcelona is a great place to check for opportunities.

3. Start A Business in Spain

Starting a business is no easy task, and does involve some level of capital at the outset. That said, however, creating a job can be a solution to being unable to find a job. If you have had plans to start a business, or have a business venture concept that you would like to get off the ground, you can take a recession as an opportunity to push yourself into launching it especially given that finding people available with different skills is easier now given the number of peopel looking for work. The tax system for self employed people is relatively easy, at least in comparison with in France and Italy.

4. Become an Au Pair in Barcelona

This may seem like a specific, or strange, suggestion, but if you are moving to Barcelona from another region you may not be as familiar with the market for Au Pairs. Being an Au Pair may not be a long-term career ambition, but particularly for young people it can be a wonderful short-term source of income. You might want to try as a starting point.

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