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5 Reasons Barcelona is a Great Stag Location

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Barcelona is always a popular destination for stag and hen parties and has plenty to offer groups, no matter what the interest or wishes of the group, in terms of events. Many newer city break locations for stag groups have popped up in recent years and these locations such as Latvia, Tallinn (Estonia) and Cancun (for those with higher budgets) are excellent options and I certainly would also recommend these cities. Barcelona though offer such a perfect combination of weather, events, shopping, flights and accommodation though, that you might want to more detailed information below on why Barca might be your best choice. Below a look at some of the reasons why.

Weather and Beaches

Barcelona has a great location on the Mediterranean coast and, as such, enjoys fabulous weather for long periods of the year, and especially during the summer. Good weather opens stag and hen do’s up to a wider variety of daytime activities, but also allows for a visit to one of the city’s beaches which are located only a few minutes journey from the city centre and have a variety of dining establishments lining them. Do be warned that it can get very hot in August and this is the reason why you will actually see some small privately owned shops and small cafes and eateries closed (because their owners take a few weeks off in the hottest month to head to the cooler mountain areas). Barcelona though is plenty big enough to manage and provide despite the loss of some of the locals in August.


Barcelona has a fantastic location which makes it easily accessible from countries in Western Europe, including the UK, from where passengers can reach Barcelona with only a short flight. Budget airlines (although the prices these days seem no longer to be budget in cost) such as Easyjet and Ryanair, as well as Spanish airlines such as Vueling and Iberia offer flights into the city. Barcelona is also connected by ferry to many other port locations across Europe, with this city a key cruise port destination.

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Variety of Day Activities

In most cities stag and hen do’s are restricted to a reasonably small choice when it comes to activities to do in the day, so one of the best things about coming to Barcelona is not only the number of activities to choose from but also the variety. You can choose beach or sea activities, travel to the nearby countryside to partake in cycling, hiking or quad biking, or remain in the city for one of the many activities available there. There are plenty of companies who will arrange all aspects of the daytime activity for you. You can book Barcelona stag and hen weekends via or with and the range of activities they tend to offer include:

It is certainly possible to organise your own stag events and weekend of activities, but using one of these DMC style agencies can make the trip much more effective and enjoyable given the expertise and local contacts these companies tend to have. Transport in the form of a mini-bus is normally also included. These organised weekends do cost a little more but using a DMC can save a huge amount of stress and the trips have a much higher chance of success given the level or organisation included.


One of the things most associated with stag and hen do’s are the evenings out and Barcelona has a large selection of bars and nightclubs to choose from and has a reputation as one of the best party cities in Europe. You can choose one of the larger clubs in the city or pass from bar to bar in the port area, but whatever you choose you are guaranteed large and friendly crowds and a welcoming environment. If you are an older group and are not looking for something so hectic, there are plenty of options for all ages and group types. You can very easily organise a relaxed and slower paced night out and include a sea-food restaurant by the marina, a wine or jazz bar or try a local Catalan restuarant. The city is large and varied enough to cater well to all tastes.

Activities for people of all ages

In addition to the night-life, Barcelona caters for all ages through the day with a massive range of activities for all ages, interests and needs. You can easily split into two if you are a large stag group and meet up later in the day. The city tours tend to also be very popular with visiting groups with the Open top touristic bus a very simple and easy way to get around. The bus stops at most of the main attractions.

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