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One which Barcelona is certainly great for is outdoor activities and this means a wonderful opportunity for those of you who need to entertain corporate guests. With a wide range of choices you can also tailor the choose of activity to nicely match the visitors. Here are just a few ideas for entertaining clients locally.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Barcelona has some fantastic architecture and landscape which can be appreciated in its full from above. Hot air balloon rides are certainly a unique experience and one which will stick in the mind of your guests for a long time to come. Being an activity which they may not have experience before, this does show some creativity on your part. Be sure though to check to see if any of the attending visitors have a fear of heights because you might otherwise create the wrong impression. For those of you who live in the UK and tried to do a hot air balloon ride and then had the ride cancelled by the hot air balloon company because of inclement weather, will find this type of experience much easier and far more reliable in Barcelona.

Exclusive Museum Visit (Indoors)

Barcelona has some world class museums and for older corporate clients and for less able clients, you might want to consider offering them the luxury of being able to experience an exclusive visit to one of the best museums in the city, without your guests needing to manoeuvre around the general public. Your guests very likely will be impressed by the lengths you have gone to in order to entertain them and this option also provides a less formal but still quiet environment in which to discuss business. The influence of masters such as Gaudi means the chance to see some of the world's best painters and many executives tend to appreciate this type of activity.

Golf in Barcelona

Playing a round of golf whilst experiencing fantastic coastal views, as the sun beats down on you, can be a wonderful way to entertain corporate clients. There are many excellent and international standard courses in Barcelona and in the surrounding area and this activity makes for one of the best ways to bond with clients and to discuss business in private. Playing golf provides a more informal environment which can often lead to people relaxing and opening up, so if you feel on the cusp of cutting a deal or want to gain an advantage over competitors fighting for a contract then golf is the perfect way to do so. The best courses are just outside of the city i.e. within one hour or the city centre and they are well worth the journey time. My own favourite is Sant Vicenc de Montalt Golf Club, a course you might also wish to try during your visit.

Corporate Executive Box at the Football

Barcelona is home to arguably the best football club in the world (at least according to the locals) and most visitors tend to appreciate being entertained in a private box at the Nou Camp, Barcelona’s home stadium, amongst the 100,000 fans. This is a costly option but for those of you looking to close deals involving significant amounts of money, this is a great choice in terms of impact.

Barcelona Boat Trip

With this city being located on the coast, you can choose a variety of boat trips, cruises or similar experiences to entertain corporate guests and just a few minutes away from the city centre. You can either take your guests for a tour of the Barcelona coastline or head out into the Mediterranean Sea for some peace and quiet. Other guests might even want to experience some of the water sports which are on offer around the beaches. Combining two or three of these activities over the course of a great way to come up with a package for 2 to 3 days programmes you have to fill. Maybe even consider one event before a key meeting and then another one afterwards, to try and subconsciously soften the executives up. Most corporate guests can be tough to deal with in negotiations but even the hardest find it hard not to be taken in at least a little, but some good wines, seafood, sunshine, coastal views and a round of golf.

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