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5 Reasons ART Lovers might want to visit Barcelona

Art monuments

For art lovers who enjoy travelling the world to experience what different towns and cities have to offer in this respect, there are few better cities to visit than Barcelona. The city has a rich art history and a reputation for being a great location for aspiring artists, established artists and people who like to appreciate the work that these artists produce. There are plenty of reasons for the art lover to visit Barcelona, and below are just a few.


Probably the most important reason that art lovers should visit Barcelona is to visit the high calibre of museums around the city. The museum of contemporary art is nothing short of extraordinary, both in terms of the design of the building and the quality of the art within it. Other great museums in the city include the Museu Picasso, which is one of the largest collections of this artists work in the world, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the Fundació Joan Miró. To add to these well known museums you can also find a number of smaller museums around the city.

Calibre of artists

Over the years Barcelona has been the setting for many of the most famous artists in the world to hone and display their talents. Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Antoni Tapies are amongst the famous names who have conducted their business around the city of Barcelona over the years. The culture and architecture in the city have for centuries been the inspiration for the students who attend the city’s art schools.

Local History

Barcelona can be considered as somewhat of a Mecca to art lovers around the world as it played such a significant role in the history of art. Art lovers should come here to experience just what has made the city so attractive to artists for centuries and perhaps gain some of that inspiration themselves.

Exhibitions in Barcelona

Throughout the year there are a number of different exhibitions around Barcelona which are targeted directly towards the art lover. These include World Art Vision Barcelona amongst many others. There are many exhibition venues in Barcelona which you should keep an eye on for upcoming events.


Barcelona is famed for its statues which can be found all around the city, and in particular along Las Ramblas. These statues can be quite breathtaking and will really appeal to your artistic nature.

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