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The role of Music in Barcelona culture

With Barcelona being so highly cultural it is no surprise that music has a large part to play in the culture of the city. For centuries the Catalan people have embraced music as one of the best ways to celebrate their way of life. Below are some of the ways in which music plays a role in Barcelona culture:

Festivals and Music

In Barcelona there are a number of organised music festivals which have been happening annually for a large number of years. These festivals include the Festival Del Grec, the Luz de Gas in BarcelonaFestival de Jazz de Barcelona and la Festa De La Musica. It is also common for festivals to occur sporadically or at short notice.   

Live music clubs

If you are in Barcelona for anything longer than a couple of days you will notice on your travels the large number of live music clubs around the city. The music at these clubs ranges from traditional Catalan music to more modern genres such as rock and pop.

Street music in Barcelona

As with many towns and cities around the world, it is common to find street performers around the streets of Barcelona. It is common to hear music being played by either buskers or groups of performers as you walk around the city.

Religious song

Religion plays a big part in the Barcelona way of life. As music has a part to play in religion it is common for many of the city’s inhabitants to be involved with choirs or orchestras related to the church, or at least to indulge during mass.

Barcelona and Orchestral Music

It is common for the city’s orchestras to practice and perform in the various parks around the city. There are also a number of performances in the city’s theatres.

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