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5 Art Galleries to visit in Barcelona

There are few better cities in the world for the art lover to visit than Barcelona. The city has such a rich history in art and is also home to one of the best fine art universities in the world. Below is a brief guide to some of the best art galleries to visit in the Barcelona.

Museo Picasso (Montcada, 15-23)

Picasso is one of Barcelona’s most famous sons, and this collection of his work is one of the biggest and best in the world. The chronological order in which the paintings are arranged means that you can track the evolution of Picasso’s work has he moved through Marathon runnerlife. Much of Picasso’s work was completed in Barcelona which makes this museum hugely relevant on a trip to the city.

Fundacio Joan Miro (Parc de Montjuic)

Miró is one of the most popular artists to arise from the local area in the last few centuries, and this is a collection of some of his most successful and celebrated work. More on Barcelona and Joan Miro exhibitions.

Museu d'Art Contemporani (Calle Placa Angels, 1)

Contemporary art lovers will adore this museum, especially as the exhibitions are changed every few months, meaning that if you visit the city often you will always have a unique art experience to look forward to each time. The vast majority of the work on the display is less than 50 years old.

Museu Nacional d'Art (Parc Monjuic)

The national art museum is a proud collection of art which is a celebration of Catalan culture over the last few centuries. There is also a range of Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque paintings.

Fundacio Tapies (Calle Arago, 255)

This is another museum which celebrates a successful local artist. Tapies was successful internationally and it is clear to see why when you visit this museum in the centre of Barcelona.

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