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Benicassim Festival near Barcelona

The Benicassim Music Festival

The Benicassim Music Festival near Barcelona is becoming more and more popular, year on year, particularly with music lovers from countries such as the UK and Ireland seeking more reliable weather for their summer music gigs.

The Benicassim Festival takes place between annually and normally each July for tickets for this year you can book via Benicassim Festival Tickets. I recommend you book as soon as possible because this event is getting more popular each year.

Getting to the Benicassim Festival

Benicassim is a few hours South of Barcelona and quite close to Valencia. From major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid you can use RENFE the Spanish trains network to get to within walking distance of the festival site. Flying into Barcelona and getting a Benicassim music festival, Spaintrain down to the festival can be an easy enough option. You may ant also to pre-book the train tickets to be sure but you should be fine even if you do not.

Another alternative and the CLOSEST AIRPORT (SO THE BEST OPTION) is to fly into Valencia airport and then you will be within 60 minutes of the festival site. Many of you might be coming from Alicante and this is also close enough i.e. less than a 3 hours drive. In Valencia there are buses which are always laid on to get you to the festival site.

Staying and accommodation at the Benicassim Festival

The festival attracts in the region of forty-five thousand people and music fans from across Europe, particularly from UK, Germany and Holland. There are 3 camp sites and they are filled up one at a time so it is pop luck which one you get allocated. All of these have facilities including showers, although the showers can sometimes be cold.

The 3 camping areas are called CamFib, Bonet and Merca. The closest camp site to the festival site is CamFib, whilst Mercat is where the local market usually takes place and Bonet is in Benicassim Town and is a shot free mini-bus ride from the festival.

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