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10 Aadvantages of Renting a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city in which you have both the sea to stroll by and mountain to discover. Whether you are there to sightsee, relax on the beach,  or are planning a cultural tour across the various art and history museums, without a doubt the capital of Catalunya is the place for you.Each year, this holiday destination gets more and more popular, and as a consequence, more and more expensive.The hotels in Barcelona, especially those in the city centre, are usually quite unaffordable and fail to meet expectations.

So, because of all this, one of the options you have is to rent a comfortable accommodation in Barcelona in an apartment rather than a hotel.

  1. Privacy: An apartment will make you feel a lot more at home, without having a room attached to yours with guests who might be making a bit more noise then you would like (the classic in hotels)… The privacy of an apartment on holiday means you can act just like you would in your own.
  2. More space: Apartments are usually much bigger than the average 30 sq m hotel room (there are exceptions of course), it’s not unusual to find a 100 sq m apartment in Barcelona. This means you can have your own space (you can watch the TV in the living room while your travel companion takes a name in the bedroom), and no one has to adapt his or her schedule due to the lack of space.
  3. Travelling in groups: One of the main reasons you might want to choose an apartment is the living situation. In a hotel you will probably have to split up across multiple rooms if there are more than 4 of you. However, in an apartment you can find some accommodate even up to 18 people.
  4. Equipped kitchens: The fact you have your own kitchen means you can have your breakfast in your pyjamas, without having to “get ready” to go and have breakfast. In addition, you also don’t have to pay extortionate fees for food.
  5. Save money: Cost sharing amongst yourselves can bring the cost down, especially if you’re travelling as a family or a group.
  6. Possibility of a cleaning service, like a hotel: A majority of holiday apartments in Barcelona offer a cleaning service. Though this sometimes is provided at a fee.
  7. Private terraces: If you’re staying in a rooftop apartment, you’ll probably end up with your private terrace, a great place to chill out and sunbathe. Though it’s rare, a terrace may even have its own swimming pool. Take a look at the Barcelona vacation rentals and keep an eye out for ones with private terraces.
  8. Freedom from schedules: There’s usually a set schedule in hotels “Breakfast at x time” or the quite rude “don’t be in your room at x time for cleaning”. This doesn’t happen in an apartment, you can have breakfast when you want, and if you want cleaning, it’s normally scheduled at a time to suit you.
  9. Location: There are literally hundreds of vacation apartments all over the city of Barcelona, many more than hotels. This means you’re much more likely to find one in a location to suit you, especially if you-re looking to stay in an area without many tourists (which is impossible with a hotel because the very nature of a hotel brings tourists to the area).
  10. The variety of styles: Owing to the fact that each apartment is provided by a different owner, you’ll find that every one has its own personality. It’s fun to look for accommodation that suits your style: Modern apartments, classical apartments, minimalist… the list goes on.

Buying a Holiday Home in Barcelona

Mediterranean breezes and cosmopolitan charm are just two reasons that Barcelona is such a popular place to go on holiday. Open air markets, eclectic cuisine and lovely beaches attract international travellers year after year.  For those whose hearts yearn to return to Barcelona, purchasing a holiday home in this North Eastern region of Spain is a tempting solution. The following tips will help make the process a bit easier, even for non-Spanish speakers.

Choosing the Right Neighbourhood

For many tourists, the city's 4.2 km of golden beaches are the main attraction, and a holiday retreat in an area such as Poble Nou near the beach is ideal. For a quiet residential neighbourhood near the city centre and a short metro ride from the beach, Poble Sec and Les Corts offer pockets of quiet with proximity to fun.

Checking Out the Neighbourhood

Purchasers should get a firsthand impression of a potential holiday home site. Walking through residential areas, checking out shops and restaurants, and scoping the available transportation in a neighbourhood help in making a final location decision.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Having an English interpreter can make the difference between cutting a great deal and getting soaked. Property purchases are complicated by nature, so overcoming the language barrier from the start is one easy way to simplify the process.

Getting Financing in Place

For holiday home buyers who wish to enjoy their acquisitions sooner rather than later, investigating and securing financing at the outset is critical. Buyers who are pre-approved by a lender have more clout in negotiations with sellers, and in Barcelona, being ready with financing can mean the difference between a purchase that takes months and one that takes weeks.

Retain an English-speaking Solicitor

Finding legal counsel who is familiar with Spanish real estate law and can clearly explain the paperwork in English takes the stress out of doing business in a foreign country. The extra expense is well worth the peace of mind. The solicitor will also work with the property agency from start to finish, keeping the purchaser updated. Learn more aboutbuying property in Barcelona, Spain and also view a Place in the Sun on Barcelona.

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