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Cheap Barcelona Hotels for the budget conscious

One of the most popular cities to visit in the world is Barcelona in Spain. There are so many reasons to find cheap Barcelona hotels so that there is time (and money available) to visit the many cultural, entertaining sites and venues. (Try for booking).

The Barcelona City Hotel offers a great location that is walking distance from LaPedrera and the many attractions for shopping in boutiques and dining out. The rooms are comfortable but practical and the hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi. Because the buses and metro stations are close the hotel is popular for getting around Barcelona.

The Hotel Principal
offers a plush earthy décor with amenities such as air conditioning, safety deposit boxes, towels, internet access, wheelchair accessibility and 2 day cancellation options. The room is large and welcoming with its own luggage room. The Hotel in Las Ramblashotel’s philosophy is to always improve from the condition of the rooms to the atmosphere and attitude of service. Breakfast is available for Ten Euros per plate.

The Campanile Barcelona offers a family setting with comfortable rooms, located where there is plenty of parking. Hotels with parking are best if renting a car and taking day trips in the surrounding areas. It is a very popular hotel for young people such as students and group functions. There is 24 hour friendly reception desk service with internet access and laundry rooms.

The Casa con Estilo
has beautiful rooms of large dimension, two terraces and a large dining room with a high rating for appealing atmosphere and cleanliness. The building is located in the center of Barcelona within Saint Gervasi and only a short tube ride to Plaza Catalunya. This hotel can host 12 rooms of guests so it is ideal to rent for family reunions or other group celebrations.

The Hotel Del Comte
is perfect for executives who are visiting on financial business as the location is centered within the Barcelona financial district. Since the 1997 renovation, the hotel has created excellent utilization of space with modern décor. There are 49 very comfortable guest rooms with complimentary bathroom accessories and a flat screen television.

The Petit Hotel is known for its safe and comfortable well equipped rooms. Each room has a television, air conditioning and heating as well as a mini bar. Rooms can be reserved as doubles with a Queen Size bed and a private bathroom. The Petit Hotel is an apartment hotel that is located within the Sarria-St. Gervase area. This hotel offers the best value, comfort, walking distance to shops, nightclubs, restaurants and the food market.

Saving money on accommodations will also allow more cash for shopping in the many shops filled with fashions making being in Barcelona and finding well located accommodations fun, relaxing and memorable.

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