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Barcelona family & Self Catering accommodation

Barcelona self catering accommodation

Barcelona offers a number of self catering options and these options are great for families and also large groups. Holiday and vacation apartments mean that as a family you have many options with apartment and villa rentals as opposed to hotel stays. Some benefits include:

1. Extra Space - You often have several rooms included in the price of the apartments and this can mean the children have a lot more floor space for playing. It also means more space for the parents :)

2. Self Catering facilities - This really is a big benefit for many people and as a family or large group, you can imagine how much money you can save simply by having one meal a day at the rental. Buy some disposable plates and cutlery from the local Self catering apartmentssupermarket and you avoid dishwashing on holiday. Foods such as pastas, sandwiches and fruit can mean great cost reduction and easy to make and healthy and cheap food. As a family, having a large breakfast in the vacation apartment and also making sandwiches for the family can mean huge savings on the overall cost of your holiday.

3. Cultural Experience - If you stay in a vacation or holiday apartment as opposed to a hotel, it often means that you are staying in a street alongside the locals. This can enrich the holiday experience as you live more like the locals do.

4. Freedom - Sometimes staying in a hotel means that every time you walk in and out of the hotel, you feel inclined to have to say hello to the hotel staff and you might also not want people to watch you as you go in and out of your accommodation 5 times a day. In an apartment there is less observation and more freedom. This is a selling point for some holidaymaker's.

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