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Barcelona Hotels - Luxury, Ramblas and Eixample

Barcelona Hotels

It is not a problem to find a good hotel in Barcelona and all matter of hotels are available according to your needs and requirements. As well as the traditional various graded hotels, there is also the choice of Boutique hotels.

Choosing a hotel in Barcelona

Your best bet is to first decide on the area within Barcelona which you wish to stay in:

Las Ramblas - If you want to be right in the centre of the tourist area and where itis busy and there are lot of bars and restaurants (although at tourist prices) then this is the area.

Eixample - is a better area if you still want to be very central and near to good restaurants and also neat to Gaudi attractions etc but slightly away from the craziness of Luxury hotel in BarcelonaLas Ramblas.

Sagrada Familia is a good area if you wants somewhere lively in the daytime, quiet in the evenings but with very easy access to local attractions and easy access to the beach.

Montjuic on the other hand can be even better in terms of a quiet place to reside compared to the other areas above. Montjuic will still though provide a good area from which to travel and see the city each day.

Selecting a grade of hotel

The way in which Barcelona hotels are graded in Spain is different from in a country such as the UK. Do not assume that a 4 star hotel in Barcelona will be as good a a 4 star hotel in the UK for example. The grading system is different and if you stay in 4 Star hotel in Barcelona you might well find that it does not match what you would usually expect of a 4 star hotel - so be prepared.

One fo the very best ways to choose a hotel these days I find is to focus on customer review rather than stars. If 100 people have stayed in a specific hotel and given it an average of 9 out of 10, then chances are it is avery decent place to stay!

Finding a hotel in Barcelona

If you travelling on a tighter budget then there are plenty of hotels to choose from, many of which are family run therefore you will have local expertise at your fingertips in a homely setting.

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